Hello internet

I’m Caitlin. I’m a mid-twenties soon-to-be-ex art student who has finally decided to embrace social media.

That’s a lie, I fully embraced it as a teenager, then avoided it as much as possible when all the normal, well-rounded people discovered it. Anyway, part-time artist, full-time confused human being, that’s me.

After completing several qualifications which are ultimately meaningless, the education world has rightly decided that I’m not ready for a PhD, or the funding, and kicked me out… or is about to. I’ve had a good run, I can officially call myself a ‘Master of Fine Art’ (or can I? I probably can’t but I will soon have a piece of paper to prove that I am, technically)

At this point in time, my future is unknown. For some people this is exciting, and I have to admit there is a certain sense of freedom… however, I, like many other creatives (and just people) suffer from various, but mild conditions which make my brain torture itself at any given opportunity.

I’m starting this blog, because…
a) it’s been a long time since people cared what I have to say, and occasionally I do have things to say
b) being in art education for so long has made me too serious and analytical about everything I do, and everything people around me do, so I’m trying to get back to having fun and not caring so much
c) this seems to be the world we’re living in now, so I suppose I have to embrace it

I imagine it’s going to be somewhere between a studio diary and an inner monologue, which I have sometimes because I consume too much TV. I learn a lot of cool stuff, about materials and about subject matter I research as well, so that will definitely be in here, just a bunch of stuff really.

So, I’m not sure whether this introduction reflects me as a person, and I am already resisting the urge to delete this incase I’ve revealed too much, but, welcome! I hope you aren’t someone I know personally.

If you want the streamlined, professional stuff: http://www.caitlinalexandra.com


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