Adventures in Transparency Printing

I have to start off by saying that this is not a finished image, and none of these prints came out quite right.

Personally, I was feeling pretty burnt out (get it?) and I’d also been thinking about witchcraft a lot, so I decided to make an image of a burnt body, this was my first attempt at that, sometimes it takes several attempts to get an image just right.

I showed this image in a work in progress crit, and I was asked if I’d been informed by any historical works, of course alongside the witchcraft angle I had to mention Joan of Arc. The image itself, although only a first attempt, was understandably called theatrical, but with the idea of Joan of Arc thrown into the mix, my tutor suggested presenting the work like a stained glass window, which really appealed to me.

So I bought some printable acetate, and got it a bit wrong, and I also tried printing on tracing paper, just to get a feel of what it might be like on a larger scale.

I did a lot more research into Joan of Arc, and her life was even more interesting than I realised so I decided to make a triptych based around this. I’m going to try and do this in the couple of months before my Masters degree show. Living on the edge.

I’ll talk about Joan of Arc a bit more in a later post, I think.


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