Gender Theatre

This was made over a few weeks in 2015 for the Phoenix Exhibition at the Reid Building in Glasgow. The Exhibition was organised for those effected by the Glasgow School of Art fire in 2014, which unfortunately was my degree show. I had a lot of fun dressing up as ’50s men and women for this, sort of got the hang of green screen, and learnt to lip sync quite well. It’s one of the last ‘silly’ bits of art I did.

The Ads back then were so ridiculous they were almost parodies of themselves, but we still get the occasional ‘we’ve made this product pink, so we can market it to women and charge a little bit more’. I’ve always been attracted to the ’50s aesthetic, but I found a way to have fun dressing up while still critiquing the values that the modern western world is based upon. Capitalism is such a huge contributing factor to so many social inequalities…


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